Payday Loans with Having Dirty Name

Making cash loans , buying term loans or making a long term loan is no longer bureaucratic processes. Currently, in addition to the banks, credit cards and various financial institutions , it is possible to make credit fast and easy even in supermarket chains, pharmacies and department stores.

The most interesting and all of this without having to sign a promissory note or other document that guarantees the discharge of the loan . But what is the necessary item for this? Just having your name cleared in the square , you can not be part of any credit protection registrations because of overdue debt and have not been paid for any reason.


Payday loan with dirty name

You probably will not have many options for payday loan offer if you have dirty name. Remember that having dirty name means for financial institutions to be a person with greater risk of default (no commitment of payment).

Therefore, for those who are negative, one of the best options is the payroll loan , which is guaranteed by the fact that the installments are deducted directly from the customer’s payroll. If you have the name dirty, but want to pay less interest, evaluate this option.

Getting a dirty loan is a big challenge because, without being able to prove to be a good payer, the credit options are not the same as those that clean-named people find. Yes, the loan for negatives exists, but it is restricted and usually works with higher interest rates than the conventional payday loan.


Paying debt is not easy

Paying debt is not easy

It is not always easy to pay off debt, especially in a crisis year, when the country already has more than 12 million unemployed and this leads people to seek the loan as a solution for debt transfer.

“Having the name registered in the SPC , Serasa or some restrictive database deprives the consumer not only of making a new loan , personal credit , a financed vehicle or financed purchases, but also of exercising the right to enter into contracts with service providers and even (in some cases) to get a job. “

Both in the case of people with dirty name and in a paycheck-deductible loan for those who are not negativado, this credit model has as main characteristic the discount of the installments directly from the paycheque. This means that the portion to be paid of the amount borrowed is taken directly from the source of the income of the person making the loan application.

Because of this guarantee, the interest offered is lower than those charged on the credit card rotary or overdraft.


Is it worth?

Is it worth?

It is worth remembering, however, that not every person with a dirty name can apply for a payroll loan. It is offered only to civil servants, retirees, INSS pensioners or employees of companies that are contracted to financial institutions and who offer this modality to their employees.

But if you are retired or pensioner from the inss, civil servants, federal military even with restrictions can avail the benefits of payroll loan available in most banks and financial institutions.