Credit Recovery


How to do credit recovery in SPC and SERASA? Being restricted. Have the dirty name in the square. Staying with the name in SPC or Serasa can really bring a serious problem to a person. Whoever lost credit or already lost knows how to foul the CPF (dirty name) behind countless. The most common is to lose access to the credit limit, the possibility of financing or making credit, as well as credit cards and use of checkbooks.

Make personal loan or store credit forgets. Seriously … It is very difficult not to have access to credit, not to mention the embarrassment of being outside the financial system, which, in addition to impeding long-term purchases, may still interfere with work, causing loss of opportunity and in some professions runs the risk until of being fired.

It is for these and other reasons that the recovery of credit becomes so important in the life of the citizen as this situation is installed. If you are reading this article you are probably going through a bad phase, and you are probably trying to get out of defaulting and enrolling in the protective bodies.

What are the causes that make a person get the name restricted and dirty on the debtor lists? There are many .. the most common causes are debits with overdrawn credit cards, limits on bank accounts and overdrafts, debts with financial commitments, credit in stores and cards among others. We may also include title protests at the notary’s office, past-due debt. 

Can I even get my credit back? Of course, the first step is to try to refinance the debt or renegotiate the arrears with your creditors. You can at any time ask your lender to negotiate the settlement or installment of the debt by paying in the way that best suits and within your means. It is worth remembering that the lender does not have to pay installments.

However, if there is no negotiation, go to your local PROCON or small claims court and file a lawsuit if necessary. More to do this make clear your willingness to pay off the debt.


 Credit recovery

 Credit recovery


The credit recovery is very complex mayas that take out the outstanding debts, but to begin with, if you make the negotiation and pay the first installment or pay full, the lender has up to 5 days to request the SPC and Serasa to take your name from the restriction . The recovery of credit occurs from the moment your name has the status “NOTHING ACCOUNT”, there you start to build credit rating and credit history in the institutions.

Note: Do not mind this business of clearing the name without paying the debt or waiting to expire the debt to get the restrictions, to recover your real credit, take your debts with the creditors and build.